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Autor: Hecker, SEdición  2 ªIdioma InglésPáginas 268Editorial GEORG THIEMEThree acupuncture therapies in a single pocket-sized text!

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Autor: Hecker, S
Edición  2 ª
Idioma Inglés
Páginas 268


Three acupuncture therapies in a single pocket-sized text!

Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture

This is the book professionals have been asking for! For the first time, a single pocket atlas covers all the major body and ear acupuncture points, as well as the most commonly occurring trigger points. Detailed descriptions of the localization, needling depth, indications, and functions of each point are provided. The different schools of ear acupuncture (e.g. Chinese v. Nogier), often a source of confusion for many practitioners, are presented side-by-side, enhancing this book's usefulness as a daily reference guide.

The authors come from diverse specialties, giving you the most complete and accurate information available. Acupuncture points are described using the "visual-didactic processing system", which is rapidly gaining praise and recognition for its easy-to-use format. The clearly written text is augmented by high-quality, color images.

Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture is ideal as a quick reference in your daily practice or as an exam preparation guide. This wealth of information makes it invaluable to experienced practitioners and to those new to acupuncture. This book is destined to become a classic text in the field!
Hans-Ulrich Hecker is a naturopath in private practice in Kiel, Germany. Angelika Steveling is a chirotherapist and NLP practitioner in private practice in Essen, Germany. 


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